Friday, January 25, 2013

49 Cents

$0.49.  That's how much I made per child/per hour today.  I love when people compare teaching to babysitting.  Say I was babysitting today and made $8 an hour; a middle of the road rate in my opinion for babysitting.  Today I had 23 students in my class.  If I got paid $8 an hour for each of them I should have made $184 an hour.  Multiply that by the six hours I had these students today and I would have made $1,104.  That's a whopping $1,036 difference folks.  Now I am by no means saying I should have gotten paid that much to sub because that's an exorbitant amount however it puts things into perspective.  Not only am I required to watch them, care for them, be their nurse, their psychologist, and their referee, I'm supposed to be teaching them something too, remember?

Today's substitute placement was the one I've been dreading.... it was your typical horrific, out of control, counting down every minute placement.  I never thought I'd be the kind of person to say this but if I got called for this class I don't think I would accept.  And the absolute worst part of it all were the kids who WERE well behaved.  Their poor little faces just looked worried and so anxiety-ridden, I can't even imagine trying to learn in a place where you're worried about whether or not you'll have to be evacuated because someone else in your class is literally exploding all over the room.  One little boy came up to me at one point (when I'd finally quieted everyone down) and said his room was never this quiet.  He handed me a note which I didn't even read until the end of the day.  It read:

"You did a really good job, and I liked you as my teacher."

Commence tears.

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