Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Book in the Making?

This semester I have the pleasure of working in the primary grades (Kindergarten-2nd) and although I have worked with second grade before my experience in Kindergarten and first grade is minimal.  Needless to say I never imagined I would be cracking up so frequently over the things these kids say.  I certainly wouldn't want to forget some of these one liners so may as well start writing them down.  Who knows, maybe I'll have a book one day.

"Miss Torres, your hair looks different today.  But that's alright, I still love you."
First grader commenting on my hair which by the way was in the same ponytail that I wear it in 2-3 times a week.

"You look just like someone I know.  She owns my cousin."
This little kindergarten students was adamant that someone actually owned his cousin.  I questioned him over and over thinking that maybe this girl babysat his cousin but to no avail.  I resolved the entire story by assuring him that I owned no one, so I wasn't the person he was thinking of.

"When you go to the bathroom you have to make sure you point your wiener at the toilet so your pee doesn't get all over the place."
In this first grader's defense I basically set myself up for this one.  At the beginning of the year we had quite a few toileting issues so I actually taught a mini-lesson on what to do when you go to the bathroom (I can't make these things up).  After going through all of the necessary steps I asked the group what some important rules were in the bathroom and well, this is what I got.  And the best part?  I couldn't even get mad, I was laughing so hard :)

"I have to draw my hairy bottom.  My mom says I got it from my dad, but I don't remember when he gave it to me!"
This one absolutely killed me.  If the parents of my students knew just how much I knew about them, they would be mortified!  This first grader was drawing a picture of himself (at the beach if I remember correctly) and narrated this key detail to me.  I love when things like this go right over their heads but crack us adults right up.

Kids do say the darndest things!!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scootpad Anyone?

I've just stumbled upon something called Scootpad (thanks to pinterest and other teacher blogs!) I'm still figuring it out and trying to add students and figure out just what it does but was wondering if anyone else has used it? If so do let me know what works and what doesn't!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Intervention Activities

The school I'm student teaching in has a fantastic RTI program which I am thrilled to be able to experience.  At this time I'm implementing an intervention in Kindergarten and First Grade.  The kindergarten interventions are set up as centers therefore my activities need to be applicable to all of the students in the class whereas I'm working on a specific skill with five students in first grade.  I've been researching Pinterest and teacher blogs like crazy but love finding new ideas that the kids and I adore.  What are some of your favorite intervention activities?

Kindergarten Interventions:
Dice Fun:
Students roll one or two dice, count the number of dots, and color in the corresponding number.  I love that it can be adapted to different levels of learning, using just one die (1-6) for the low guys and amp up the difficulty for the smarty-pants of the class by using two dice (2-12).

Letter or a Number?
I took two pieces of card stock and labeled one with "Letter" and one with "Number".  Then I cut index cards in half and wrote all the letters of the alphabet as well as numbers from 0-20 on them.  Students sit in a circle with mats in the middle and one at a time pick a card, state if it's a letter or number, and then name it and place it on the correct mat.  I like this because it's constant repetition and the level of difficulty can be altered.  I focus on numbers 0-10 with the low groups and then ask the higher performing groups to say the letter sound, not just the name.

Counting Dinos
I took 11 styrofoam cups and put a number on every one (from 0-10).  Students pick a cup, reach into a bucket of plastic dinosaurs, and place the correct amount in each cup.  Enough cups could be used so each student has a set or students can rotate cups once they are finished.

First Grade Interventions:
I've "stolen" the first two
 activities from this site:

Sight Word Twister:
I have yet to actually implement this in class, but I LOVE it!! I think it would also be a great thing for a group of students to pull out during indoor recess.  There's not much to clean up afterwards and allows them some large body movement even though they're stuck indoors.

Sight Word Shake Up!
I'm absolutely in love with this activity and the kids love it too! They were so cute returning to class after we had used it, they immediately told everyone else how awesome it was.  I printed out the sight words each student was working on, laminated them, and slipped them into a water bottle.  I wasn't sure what was used in the example I saw but I filled the water bottles about 3/4 of the way with the aquarium gravel you can buy anywhere (I got mine at Walmart for about $1 a bag!!).  The kids shake the water bottle until they find a word, record it, and if they finish early pick two words to write in a sentence.  It can be a little noisy so we always go to a free room so we don't disturb others.